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Are you a newly qualified Personal Trainer starting your journey in the industry or are you still working on getting qualified?

Did you qualify a while ago but are struggling to find success in the industry?

Did you know that almost 80% of people that take a Personal Trainer qualification do not last past 12 months in the industry.

That figure has always been absolutely shocking to us – but we understand why….

The support systems for people new to the industry suck, unless you have some kind of background in fitness or are VERY lucky it has always been almost guaranteed you wouldn’t make it.

Thats where this course comes in – it is designed to be a tool that you can use from the second you finish your qualification (or ideally before) to firstly find the perfect job, then find your perfect clients and finally know exactly how to talk to them to build a long standing and mutually beneficial relationship.

The course creator, Michael, has been in the fitness industry for 15 years, starting off as a gym instructor/personal trainer, working through the ranks into fitness management and then into the education sector and finally owning his own personal training business.

Within the course he details exactly what you need to do to guarantee your success AND what to avoid doing – he has made nearly every mistake there is to make over the years so can speak from experience.

The course is video based with 25 video units, backed up with some of the best tools you will see in the industry for business planning, client identification, personal ability assessment and interviewing technique.

There is no fluff or filler and we deliver in a fun, engaging way that will hep you to get every ounce of benefit out of our materials.

Full details on the course along with the curriculum are noted in the tabs below, to take the course, just click the button that says ‘take course’.

You will not regret your choice (but if you do, we offer a 14 day money back guarantee).

– Any newly qualified Personal Trainers

– Anyone who is currently completing a Personal Training qualification

– Current Personal Trainers who are struggling to make an impact in the industry or build a client base

– Anyone who is considering a career as a Personal Trainer

You Will….

– Learn about the structure of the industry and figure out exactly where you fit in it to guarantee your enjoyment and success

– Become an expert in assessing different clubs and business setups to decide if you could make a career in that environment

– Develop a picture of your ‘perfect client’ so you do not waste your time and effort engaging with people that will never be a client

– Learn how to make yourself a magnet for clients you want to train so you never have to chase clients again

– Become an expert in selling yourself WITHOUT coming across as a ‘pushy salesperson’

– Develop a plan for maintaining a HUGE client base

– Understand how to maximise your earnings and ensure you are always ‘cash fluid’

– 25 ultra engaging video lessons

– 14 industry leading business and career development tools

– Support and guidance from our industry expert team AND others that have already been on your journey in our dedicated course forums

– Lifetime access to all material AND a 14 day money back guarantee

Course Curriculum

Your Roadmap To Success
What Are The Options 00:25:00
Which Option Is For You? 00:30:00
Let’s Do Some Planning.. 00:20:00
Getting Your Perfect Role
Finding Somewhere To Work.. 00:25:00
CV Building For WINNERS! 00:30:00
Gate Keepers, Application Processes and Ensuring YOU Get The Interview.. 00:00:00
Crushing Recruitment Days AND Interviews (even if you have no experience) 00:00:00
Your Ideal Client
The Importance Of Being Specific When It Comes To Your Clients.. 00:15:00
How To Get Laser Targeted On Who You Are Going To Train.. 01:00:00
Crunching Numbers, The Brass Tacks Of Building Your Business.. 00:30:00
Making First Contact
Tested Strategies For Speaking To Your Ideal Client 00:30:00
How To Become A MAGNET For Clients You WANT To Train.. 00:20:00
Why Public Speaking Could Be The Best Thing You Learn To Do.. 00:25:00
Selling Through Consultation
The Anatomy Of A Sales Consultation.. 00:15:00
Pre-Consultation And Introduction 00:20:00
The Emotional Rollercoaster.. 00:00:00
Closing Like A Pro.. 00:30:00
Is A ‘No’ The End Of The Road? 00:15:00
Building Your Tribe
Why A Mailing List Is The Most Valuable Business Commodity You Will Own.. 00:00:00
Showing Value Through Targeted Social Media.. 00:00:00
Let’s Decide Your Tribe Building Program.. 00:00:00
Keeping Clients For The Long Term
Why Is Client Retention Important? 00:00:00
Strategies For Ultimate Client Retention.. 00:00:00
Financial Management For Personal Trainers
How To Manage Client Money As A Personal Trainer.. 00:00:00
Simple Strategies To Ensure You Can Pay The Tax Man.. 00:00:00
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